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Module Automations

You can consider this module to be the core of the HubHazard Core. The AutomationsModule is responsible for providing base classes and interfaces for events services, events, automations and is responsible for managing registered event services and automations:

  • Automation - a base class for every automation. Allows for automations to be correctly registered and triggered.
  • AutomationEvent - a base class for events passed to automations. Every automation event provides the eventType string field that allows for identification of the event type inside the automation.
  • AutomationsService - a service for registering automations and events services.
  • BuildableToTriggerDefinition - a base class for classes used in describing triggers. This allows them to be buildable to the TriggerDefinition consumed by events services.
  • IEventsService - an interface describing basic functionality of the event service: registering and unregistering automations.
  • TriggerDefinition - a base class for trigger definitions. Trigger definitions describe what kind of events an automation awaits.


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