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Module HubitatApi

The HubitatApi module allows to communicate with the Hubitat Elevation hub using the built-in Maker API app.

The communication involves:

  • Querying devices on Hubitat hub
  • Receiving device events from Hubitat hub
  • Sending commands to Hubitat's devices

The HubitatApi requires the connection details to be provided via the ConfigService in form of three configuration values:

  • HUBITAT_IP - IP address of the Hubitat Hub
  • HUBITAT_MAKER_API_APP_ID - The id of the Maker API app in Hubitat hub.
  • HUBITAT_MAKER_API_ACCESS_TOKEN - The access token generated by the Maker Api app.

For the HubitatApi module to be able to receive device events from the Hubitat Hub, the Maker API app needs to be configured to send device events by POST to: http://<HubHazard server IP>:3000/api/hubitat/event, for example:


Type aliases


EDeviceAttributeDataType: "ENUM" | "JSON_OBJECT" | "NUMBER" | "STRING"

All possible values of the DeviceInfoAttributeDto.dataType.


HubitatApiConfig: { hubitatIp: string; makerApiAccessToken: string; makerApiAppId: string }

A type for storing module's configuration data.

Type declaration

  • hubitatIp: string
  • makerApiAccessToken: string
  • makerApiAppId: string

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